• catherine snow elof

    Key Lessons on Applying the ELOF to Specific Populations and Supporting Teaching Domains (Catherine Snow)

    The Early Learning Outcomes Framework (ELOF) is a guiding tool for educators and parents alike, aiming to provide a comprehensive understanding of what children should know and do during their early years. In a recent interview, Catherine Snow, a faculty member at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, delved deep into the language and literacy …

  • Andrew Meltzoff

    Key Lessons on Applying the ELOF to Specific Populations and Supporting Teaching Domains (Andy Meltzoff)

    The interview with Andy Meltzoff, a renowned expert in cognitive development, sheds light on the importance of the Early Learning Outcomes Framework (ELOF) and how it can be applied to nurture cognitive development in young children. Here are the key takeaways from the discussion: 1. The Little Scientist PerspectiveContents1. The Little Scientist Perspective2. The Role of Adults in …

  • doug clements elof scaled

    Applying the ELOF to Foster Emergent Mathematical Thinking in Young Children (Doug Clements)

    The Early Learning Outcomes Framework (ELOF) is a guiding tool for educators and parents, outlining the skills, behaviors, and knowledge that should be nurtured in children. One of the key domains of the ELOF is the development of emergent mathematical thinking. In a recent interview with Doug Clements, a leading researcher in this domain, we …

  • linda espinosa elof

    Applying the ELOF to Support Dual Language Learners (Linda Espinosa)

    The Early Learning Outcomes Framework (ELOF) is a guiding tool for educators and program administrators to ensure that children, including dual language learners (DLLs), receive the necessary support for their development. In a recent interview with Linda Espinosa, a leading expert on the subject, several key lessons emerged on how to apply the ELOF to …

  • story of te whariki

    About Te Whāriki

    Te Whāriki Definition & DetailsContentsTe Whāriki Definition & DetailsTe Whāriki MeaningTe Whāriki PronunciationTe Whāriki HistoryTe Whāriki CurriculumTe Whāriki Learning Outcomes & GoalsTe Whāriki Holistic ApproachHow Te Whāriki works in practiceTe Whāriki Play-Based CurriculumTe Whāriki ActivitiesTe Whāriki Outdoor Environments In this article we’ll look at the core elements of New Zealand’s early learning framework, Te Whāriki.   …

  • australia vs nz curriculum

    The Australian EYLF vs. New Zealand’s Te Whāriki: A Comparative Analysis of Early Childhood Curricula

    Early childhood education is a foundational pillar in the development of young minds. Different countries have adopted varied approaches to ensure the holistic development of their youngest citizens. Two such notable curricula are Australia’s Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) and New Zealand’s Te Whāriki. While both aim to provide quality early childhood education, their approaches …

  • australia vs usa curriculum

    The Australian EYLF vs. the USA ELOF: A Comparative Analysis

    Early childhood education is a critical phase in the development of children, laying the foundation for lifelong learning and well-being. Different countries have developed their frameworks to guide early childhood education, ensuring that children receive quality care and education during their formative years. Two such prominent frameworks are the Australian Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) …

  • kindergarten supervision tips

    Supervision in Spacious Kindergartens: Tips for Optimal Safety and Engagement

    Tips for supervising children in large areasContentsTips for supervising children in large areas1. Designated Zones2. Visual Aids and Sight Lines3. Rotation System4. Assign Supervision Points5. Use of Technology6. Child-to-Adult Ratio7. Clear Rules and Boundaries8. Interactive Supervision9. Emergency Protocols10. Continuous Training In the bustling and energetic world of kindergartens, large rooms and open spaces have become …

  • noise reduction preschool

    Improving the acoustics in kindergartens (10 cost-effective ways)

    Reducing noise in your preschool roomsContentsReducing noise in your preschool rooms1. Acoustic Panels2. Carpeting and Rugs3. Soft Furnishings4. Bookshelves and Storage Units5. Ceiling Hangings6. Plants7. Curtains and Drapes8. Soundproofing Paint9. Door Sweeps and Seals10. Acoustic Partitions Whether you’re looking to reduce noise in your preschool, diffuse the noise or get a good sound level in …