Italy: Scuola Materna/Scuola dell’Infanzia Learning Resources

Looking for learning resource inspiration? In this article, we’ll look at an extensive list of preschool/kindergarten learning resource ideas.

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Italy Scuola Materna/Scuola dell’Infanzia Learning Resource Ideas

Italy, with its profound history, vast artistic legacy, and diverse regions, provides a distinctive array of resources, ideal for an educational setting inspired by the Reggio, Steiner (Waldorf), and Montessori principles:

New Resources

  1. Manipulatives & Sensorial Materials:
    • Montessori materials like the broad stair, color tablets, and geometric cabinet.
    • Steiner-inspired wooden playsets with Italian landmarks like the Leaning Tower of Pisa or the Colosseum.
    • Texture boards integrating Italian textiles like wool from the Apennines, leather, or marble grains.
  2. Language Materials:
    • Sandpaper letters in Italian script.
    • Movable alphabets in Italian and other regional languages.
    • Storytelling kits based on classic Italian tales, perhaps those of Pinocchio or traditional fables.
  3. Practical Life Materials (Montessori):
    • Materials for setting a traditional Italian dining table with elements like pasta-making tools or espresso cups.
    • Dressing frames with Italian attire elements like scarves or leather shoes.
    • Practical life exercises like weaving or pasta crafting.
  4. Mathematical Materials (Montessori & Waldorf):
    • Montessori bead materials, spindle box, and fraction circles.
    • Waldorf counting tools inspired by Italian motifs like the Vespa or Venetian masks.
  5. Natural Materials:
    • Leaves and seeds from Italian trees such as olive, cypress, or lemon trees.
    • Sand and pebbles from renowned beaches of regions like Amalfi Coast or Sardinia.
    • Water samples from the Mediterranean Sea or iconic lakes like Lake Como.
  6. Arts and Crafts:
    • Materials for Venetian mask-making or fresco painting.
    • Supplies for mosaic crafting or marbling.
    • Pottery and ceramic tools echoing traditional Italian pottery.
  7. Music & Movement:
    • Classic Italian instruments like the mandolin, accordion, or tamburello.
    • Folk songs, tarantellas, and dances from different Italian regions.
    • Movement activities drawing from Italian theatre arts or opera.
  8. Cultural & Science Materials (Montessori & Reggio):
    • Montessori puzzle map of Italy, distinguishing regions.
    • Models of iconic Italian places, such as the canals of Venice, the vineyards of Tuscany, or Mount Vesuvius.
    • Kits focusing on the Italian solar system or renowned inventors and scholars like Leonardo da Vinci.
  9. Books & Literacy:
    • Italian children’s books, classics, and modern tales.
    • Books highlighting Italy’s festivals, traditions, and historical figures.
  10. Outdoor Equipment:
    • Gardening tools emphasizing on growing native Italian plants, herbs like basil or rosemary.
    • Equipment for traditional games like “Pallone col Bracciale.”

Recycled Resources

  1. Old Clothes: Traditional Italian costumes or textiles.
  2. Used Newspapers: Italian newspapers and magazines for crafting or reading.
  3. Cardboard Tubes or Boxes: For crafting and construction.
  4. Old Kitchen Tools: Classic Italian kitchenware, like pasta rollers or espresso pots.
  5. Fabric Scraps: Remnants of Italian textiles like silk or lace.
  6. Used Glass Jars or Bottles: For crafting, storage, or replicating scenes like a rustic Italian pantry.
  7. Old Coins: Euros or former Italian lira for counting or currency-related lessons.

Local Resources & Crafts (Italy-specific)

  1. Renaissance Art Kits: Materials to delve into the art of fresco, sculpting, or Renaissance painting.
  2. Venetian Glass Crafting Kits: Introducing children to the mesmerizing world of Murano glass.
  3. Marionette-making Kits: Drawing from traditional Sicilian puppet theaters.
  4. Mosaic Kits: Mirroring designs from ancient Roman or Byzantine art.
  5. Leather Crafting Kits: Especially drawing inspiration from Florence’s leather markets.
  6. Wine Cork Crafting Sets: Using corks from Italian vineyards for various craft activities.
  7. Italian Pasta Making Sets: Offering children tactile experiences with dough, various pasta shapes, and tools.

Integrating these culturally rich and locally inspired resources into a Scuola Materna/Scuola dell’Infanzia in Italy will foster a deeper connection to Italian heritage and traditions. Blending these elements with Reggio, Steiner, and Montessori principles provides a comprehensive, holistic, and rich educational foundation for young learners.


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