Mexico: Preescolar Learning Resources

Looking for learning resource inspiration? In this article, we’ll look at an extensive list of preschool/kindergarten learning resource ideas.

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Mexico Preescolar Learning Resource Ideas

Mexico, with its vibrant culture, rich history, and diverse landscapes, offers a wealth of resources for an educational setting integrating Reggio, Steiner (Waldorf), and Montessori principles:

New Resources

  1. Manipulatives & Sensorial Materials:
    • Montessori materials such as the brown stair, cylinder blocks, and color tablets.
    • Steiner-inspired wooden toys showcasing Mexican animals such as jaguars, quetzals, and axolotls.
    • Texture boards featuring materials like cactus, agave fibers, or traditional Mexican fabrics.
  2. Language Materials:
    • Sandpaper letters in Spanish.
    • Movable alphabets with Spanish diacritical marks.
    • Storytelling kits based on Mexican folklore, legends, and history like the story of Popocatépetl and Iztaccíhuatl.
  3. Practical Life Materials (Montessori):
    • Dressing frames featuring elements of traditional Mexican attire like sombreros or rebozos.
    • Materials for serving and eating traditional dishes like tamales, tacos, or pozole.
    • Pinch pots and clay for basic pottery, inspired by traditional Mexican pottery.
  4. Mathematical Materials (Montessori & Waldorf):
    • Montessori bead chains, golden beads, and number rods.
    • Counting materials inspired by Mexican themes such as Day of the Dead skulls or piñatas.
  5. Natural Materials:
    • Sand from Mexican beaches like Cancún or Tulum.
    • Soil samples from various regions, from the Sonoran desert to the Yucatán rainforests.
    • Plants, seeds, and leaves from indigenous plants like blue agave, poinsettias, or dahlias.
  6. Arts and Crafts:
    • Materials for papel picado, a decorative craft involving cutting intricate patterns in colorful paper.
    • Talavera pottery-inspired painting sets.
    • Kits to create alebrijes, brightly colored Mexican folk art sculptures.
  7. Music & Movement:
    • Traditional Mexican instruments like maracas, guitarrón, or the vihuela.
    • Classic Mexican children’s songs and dances.
    • Material related to traditional dances like jarabe tapatío or danza de los viejitos.
  8. Cultural & Science Materials (Montessori & Reggio):
    • Montessori puzzle map of Mexico.
    • Kits introducing Mexican ecosystems, from desert to rainforest.
    • Dioramas or models of significant landmarks like the Chichen Itza, Teotihuacán, or the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve.
  9. Books & Literacy:
    • Mexican children’s books, fables, and fairy tales.
    • Books on Mexico’s historical figures, festivals, and traditions.
  10. Outdoor Equipment:
    • Gardening tools for planting and tending to indigenous plants or vegetables like chilies or tomatoes.
    • Equipment for traditional games like Lotería or Trompo (spinning tops).

Recycled Resources

  1. Old Clothes: Traditional Mexican attire or fabrics for crafting or dress-up.
  2. Used Newspapers: Mexican newspapers for crafting, reading, or exploration.
  3. Cardboard Tubes or Boxes: For crafting, construction, or making homemade piñatas.
  4. Old Kitchen Tools: Tortilla press, molcajetes, or other tools to be repurposed for practical life exercises.
  5. Fabric Scraps: Traditional Mexican textiles like those from Oaxaca or Chiapas.
  6. Used Glass Jars: For crafting, storage, or as bases for making lanterns during celebrations like Day of the Dead.
  7. Old Coins: Pesos for counting or currency-related activities.

Local Resources & Crafts (Mexico-specific)

  1. Huichol Yarn Art Kits: Using yarn to create vibrant, intricate designs.
  2. Embossed Leather Crafting Kits: Inspired by traditional leatherworking techniques.
  3. Ojo de Dios (God’s Eye) Craft Kits: Symbolic designs made with yarn.
  4. Crafts Inspired by Ancient Civilizations: Mayan, Aztec, or Olmec-inspired clay figures or symbols.
  5. Lucha Libre Mask-making Kits: Inspired by the famous Mexican wrestling tradition.
  6. Frida Kahlo or Diego Rivera-inspired Art Kits: Introducing children to these iconic Mexican artists.
  7. Traditional Weaving Kits: Using looms and techniques from regions like Oaxaca.
  8. Marionette-making Kits: Drawing from the traditional Mexican puppetry arts.

Incorporating these culturally rich and locally inspired resources into a Mexican Preescolar provides a deeper connection to the nation’s diverse heritage and traditions. Integrating these elements with Reggio, Steiner, and Montessori principles offers a comprehensive, holistic, and rich educational foundation for young learners.


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