Poland: Przedszkole (Preschool) Learning Resources

Looking for learning resource inspiration? In this article, we’ll look at an extensive list of preschool/kindergarten learning resource ideas.

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Poland Przedszkole (Preschool) Learning Resource Ideas

Poland, with its deep-rooted history, vast landscapes, and robust culture, can offer numerous resources that would greatly complement the Reggio, Steiner (Waldorf), and Montessori teaching methodologies:

New Resources

  1. Manipulatives & Sensorial Materials:
    • Montessori materials such as the geometric solids, red rods, and color tablets.
    • Steiner-inspired wooden playsets of iconic Polish figures, like the Wawel dragon or storks.
    • Texture boards that include materials like Polish amber, traditional fabric patterns, or grains like rye.
  2. Language Materials:
    • Sandpaper letters in the Polish script.
    • Movable alphabets in Polish.
    • Storytelling sets based on Polish legends, fairy tales, and historical figures.
  3. Practical Life Materials (Montessori):
    • Materials to practice setting a traditional Polish dining table.
    • Dressing frames that include traditional Polish clothing elements like the Żupan or Kontusz.
    • Exercises related to traditional Polish activities, such as making paper cut-outs (Wycinanki) or Easter egg decorating (Pisanki).
  4. Mathematical Materials (Montessori & Waldorf):
    • Montessori bead chains, spindle boxes, and number rods.
    • Waldorf counting materials, maybe shaped like Polish dumplings (Pierogi) or storks.
  5. Natural Materials:
    • Leaves, twigs, and seeds from native Polish trees like oaks or maples.
    • Stones and pebbles from the Baltic coast or Tatra Mountains.
    • Samples of different Polish soils and sand.
  6. Arts and Crafts:
    • Materials for creating Wycinanki (Polish paper cut-outs) or straw ornaments.
    • Supplies for embroidery or cloth decoration inspired by regional Polish patterns.
    • Painting supplies inspired by Polish landscape scenes or historical events.
  7. Music & Movement:
    • Traditional Polish instruments like the accordion or fiddle.
    • Classic Polish children’s songs, lullabies, and dances.
    • Props for traditional dances, such as the Mazurka or Polonaise.
  8. Cultural & Science Materials (Montessori & Reggio):
    • Montessori puzzle map of Poland, indicating voivodeships.
    • Miniature models of landmarks like Wawel Castle, Warsaw Old Town, or Białowieża Forest.
    • Exploration stations focusing on the Vistula River or Polish biodiversity.
  9. Books & Literacy:
    • Works by Jan Brzechwa, Julian Tuwim, or Maria Konopnicka tailored for children.
    • Books showing Poland’s festivals, traditions, and historical events.
  10. Outdoor Equipment:
    • Gardening tools for planting native Polish plants or flowers.
    • Equipment for traditional Polish outdoor games.

Recycled Resources

  1. Old Clothes: Polish folk costumes or elements of them.
  2. Used Newspapers: Polish newspapers for crafts or literacy activities.
  3. Cardboard Tubes or Boxes: For crafting, modeling, or constructing.
  4. Old Kitchen Tools: Traditional cooking tools used in Polish cuisine.
  5. Fabric Scraps: Polish linen or decorated fabrics.
  6. Used Glass Jars or Bottles: For crafting lanterns, particularly for “Święto Zmarłych” (All Souls’ Day) observance.
  7. Old Coins: Złoty coins for counting or historical exploration.

Local Resources & Crafts (Poland-specific)

  1. Amber Crafting: Simple kits to understand and appreciate Baltic amber.
  2. Wood Carving Kits: Taking inspiration from the Zakopane style.
  3. Traditional Weaving Kits: Materials to introduce children to the weaving heritage, especially from regions like Łowicz.
  4. Pierogi Making Kits: Integrating cultural significance with practical life skills.
  5. Traditional Doll-making Kits: Materials to make dolls dressed in Polish folk costumes.
  6. Pottery/Ceramics: Kits inspired by the famous Bolesławiec pottery designs.
  7. Polish Lace Crafting: Materials for kids to explore the intricacies of Polish lace-making.

Incorporating these resources within a Polish Przedszkole (Preschool) setting gives children the opportunity to engage deeply with their national identity and heritage. When combined with Reggio, Steiner, and Montessori principles, it offers a holistic and enriching early education.


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