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    Streamlining Kindergarten Mornings: A Human-Centred Approach to Drop-Offs

    Kindergarten Drop-Off Planning Mornings can be hectic, especially when you’re trying to ensure that your little one starts their day right. As kindergartens across the country seek ways to improve the drop-off experience, many are turning to service design and human-centred design principles. These approaches prioritize the needs and emotions of both parents and children, …

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    Streamlining Kindergarten Pick-Ups: A Human-Centered Approach

    Kindergarten Pick-Up Planning The daily ritual of picking up kids from kindergarten is a significant touchpoint for educators and parents alike. It’s more than just a logistical taskā€”it’s an experience that can set the tone for a child’s evening and a parent’s night. Using principles from service design and human-centered design, we can transform this …