• kindergarten annual leave planning

    Mastering Kindergarten Leave Management: 10 Practical Tips for a Seamless Schedule

    Scheduling casual staff in kindergartens Managing annual leave in a kindergarten setting isn’t just about marking days on a calendar. It’s a delicate dance that intertwines staff well-being with the consistent learning experience of our young scholars. Ensuring that children receive continuous care and education, while also respecting the personal needs of dedicated educators and …

  • kindergarten rostering ideas

    Mastering Kindergarten Scheduling: 10 Tips for Juggling Casual Staff

    Scheduling casual staff in kindergartens In the bustling world of kindergarten management, ensuring that every child receives the best care is paramount. But between peak hours, training sessions, and unexpected absences, managing casual staff can sometimes feel like piecing together a complex puzzle. How do you make sure every shift is covered, while also keeping …

  • ACECQA educational leader role

    The Role of the Educational Leader: A Comprehensive Guide

    About The Educational Leader Role The role of the Educational Leader in early childhood education and care settings is pivotal. These professionals guide and support educators in their pedagogical practices, ensuring that children receive the highest quality of education and care. If you’re considering stepping into this role or are curious about its intricacies, this …